5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen
5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Learn 5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Today’s, one of the desirable and stylish phones that are popular among the people is the iPhone. There are several reasons why a user needs to hack iPhone devices and bypass passcode lock screen for hacking their friends and family devices. However, because of the iPhone offer strict privacy services, so hacking the iPhone is comparatively more difficult than other spying android phones.

Learn 5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen
Learn 5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

So in this article, we will discuss a few simple ways to spy iPhone devices and bypassing the lock screen code. These ways are easily understandable, and then you can use it to hack the iPhone devices and get complete data of the target person.

Five ways to hack iPhone and bypass code

Way 1: hack iPhone without any passcode – FoneTracker app

Way 1: hack iPhone without any passcode - FoneTracker app
Way 1: hack iPhone without any passcode – FoneTracker app

You can easily hack data via bypass passcode. But it would be risky work when any third person support does it. So, in this case, you can use a powerful and special spying application known as FoneTracker to monitor the complete activities of the target person.

Why FoneTracker app

FoneTracker is the best and beneficial app that assists you in tracking all the online events of the target iPhone. You can use this application to spy on target device activities such as photos, call logs, browser history, text, messages, and videos. It also the control panel in order to store the all info automatically. So you are able to hack complete details from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. But for this, make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection.

How to get FoneTracker tool

Step 1- you, at first, go to the austenitic website of the FoneTracker app. Hit the “download” button.

Step 2- After installing, create an account through email id and password to the login of the page.

Step 3- Another step is to provide info on the target person, such as age, phone number, and address.

Step 4- the fourth step is to verify the user account and link it.

Step 5- now set up your account via linking the target device

Hit this link to download the FoneTracker app for spying the iPhone at (https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/).

Way 2: use an emergency request to bypass passcode

Other iPhone spying methods you require to be understood using the emergency request method. You can easily use this way to spying the iPhone passcode. It permits you to bypass the lock screen of the iPhone. Just follow mention guidelines-

Step 1- visit the lock screen after on the device

Step 2- click on the option of “emergency.”

Step 3- Now put the desired numbers and hit on the call button

Step 4- now again, put the number that you have put before and click on cancel instead of calling.

Step 5- then long press the button “home.”

Way 3: use iTunes tool to recover the password

Another simple technique that can be performed by the iTunes software. People can use the iTunes app in order to bypass the passcode of the target iPhone device. It will delete complete info. Follow these below guidelines:

Step 1- Firstly, download and install the iTunes app on your device and click on the home button now link the device with a USB cable.

Step 2- let the tool recognize as well as to detect the device and click on the recover iPhone button

Step 3- After this, the confirmation mail will be received and click on the recovery so as to return the device to the by default settings.

Way 4: use iCloud to bypass iPhone passcode

The user can use iCloud to bypass the iPhone passcode and allow “find my iPhone” option. So you will be able to hack deleted information. The user can also delete the info that is locked. Follow these given guidelines-

Step 1- use the browser and click on the iCloud official site.

Step 2- Now, you can easily log in to the iCloud account.

Step 3- choose the option “all device” from the web browser

Step 4- you can use the id of iCloud and select the device type.

Step 5- finally, you have to click on the button “erase iPhone” that could delete all the info.

Way 5: use Siri to spy iPhone device

The iPhone devices offer a personal assistant called Siri. It assists a person to bypass the passcode and track the iPhone devices easily. This tool can be individually used so as to track code without taking the risk of restoring data or losing data, follow these mention guidelines-

Step 1- active Siri by press the home button

Step 2- Siri will be displayed on your screen and just tell, “what’s the time.”

Step 3- Now you have to click on the “+” icon placed on the right corner of the window

Step 4- then put any of the characters

Step 5- copy the specific character and forward them the option “sharing.”

Step 6- click on the option “message” and open it.

Step 7- now paste the character and click on the option “To.”

Step 8- it takes some seconds and again click the home button and bypass the lock screen of the target iPhone.

Why you require it

Why hacking the iPhone is essential? Here, we have some reason for hacking the iPhone.

Parents- if your child is continuously talking with someone online, then sure are hiding something from you. But by spy app, you can readily know what they do in your absence. This app is made to hack the target device within some time.

Partners- are your spouse cheated on you? If your reply is yes, then you can use the best hacking app and find all the truth. By this method, you can simply view what they do on the phone.

Employer- the manager may don’t know what their workers do in their absence. If your worker is not working properly in your absence, then the result is your business productivity has been decreased. So use the spying tool and monitor their workers.

Except for these three categories, there can be some other reasons to hack the iPhone as well. No matter what reason is, you can easily hack the iPhone and bypass passcode through the best tool known as FoneTracker.



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