5 Ways to spy Other Phone's Text Message
5 Ways to spy Other Phone's Text Message
Review: 5 Ways to spy Other Phone's Text Message
  • Way 1: Spy Other Phone's Text Message using FoneTracker
  • Way 2: Spy Other Phone's Text Message using AppSpy
  • Way 3: Spy Other Phone's Text Message using PhoneSpying
  • Way 4: Spy Other Phone's Text Message using TheTruthSpy
  • Way 5: Spy Other Phone's Text Message using Phone Tracker


I will ask you to think twice and once more continue to read this article on top 5 effective ways on spying the other user’s phone text messages.

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5 effective ways to spy others phone text messages

There are many people who are looking for the best effective ways on spying on others text messages. For doing hacking, hacker need best spying applications that do not require having other phone possession. While mostly the people think it to be impossible. I will ask you to think twice and once more continue to read this article on top 5 effective ways on spying the other user’s phone text messages.
At present, two types of mobile phones have dominated the market of mobile device, iPhone, and Android. After doing the thorough research I have bought down here the top 5 ranking cell spy software for both the devices. There could be any reason for doing so like an employer wants to know about text messages of their workers. Also, the spouse or parents want to know with whom and what chats is going on of their partner and children respectively. This will help all of them to save their business, relations, and children from getting into any kind of big trouble.
Over the years the thing that I have learned about it is finding out the best program from a reliable company that is having below listed three basic important features-

  1. No high charges- A person willing to spy on text message must not get engaged in any program that has high charges. Mostly the people have been trapped by the scam that is charging high amount those results in never-ending nightmare of canceling the subscriptions. The reviews include that one should choose the program that can be easily bought just for single time payment. All those are available with free lifetime upgrades and will allow you in doing spying on any user’s cell phone.
  2. Telephone number- when you are having a problem isn’t great when you could receive the phone and have conversation with anyone? I never bought any from the site that is not at all having working telephone number with right person giving answers. Ensure that site you choose has working phone number. Any website not having contact number is likely to be fraudulent.
  3. Customer support- Ensure that the company is offering 24X7 hours of support to their customers. However, emailing isn’t enough with such applications. I guarantee that you at some point of time require help along the way and it will be plus point to get person live on call to solve the kind of issue you are facing.

Here are 5 Ways to spy Other Phone’s Text Message

With the availability of powerful applications that is currently used for doing the spying on mobile phone, spouse, employer, and parents have got greater relief. Continue on reading to know those 5 utility apps use popularly nowadays.

Way 1: Spy Other Phone’s Text Message using FoneTracker

Way 1: Spy Other Phone's Text Message using FoneTracker
Way 1: Spy Other Phone’s Text Message using FoneTracker

With the availability of technology high quality of spying applications has been developed. If you really think all about what could be the reason of sudden change in behavior of your kids or spouse, this app will give answers to all problems. Just install the app through its official website https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/ and download & install FoneTracker and begin doing the monitoring of the text message of anyone you would like to spy on. This program is inserting activities logs in an online account. A hacker can easily login through any web browser for spying logs.

Who can use the app?

  • Catching cheating wife/husbandYou can catch the cheating spouse using FoneTracker to discover the truth behind it. Break all the trust and begin spying on your honey’s private communication.
  • Parents can control their kids Through this genuine app parental control has become easier. They can keep their kids safer through continue monitoring all inappropriate actions done.
  • Employer can monitor workers activities With the help of this application; employer can do monitoring of their employee’s activities. Through the creation of employee activity, a hacker can do monitoring silently and without getting traced.


This app has become one of the user-friendly apps to regularly doing monitoring of the activities of kids, spouse, workers etc. This mobile monitoring tool is running in stealth mode on suspected person mobile phone and track activity like call logs, web browser history, text messages, GPS location, calendar update etc.

  • It is compatible with iPhone and android.
  • It assures 100% undetectable.
  • Less cost effective.
  • Reading all text messages instantly.
  • Can do incoming and outgoing calls recording.
  • View multimedia files.
  • Can view all contacts in address book.

Way 2: Spy Other Phone’s Text Message using AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

It is another most popular spying tool use for spying on user’s text messages easily. It is most powerful and easier to set up and use application. It is having no high monthly charges. When a user is using it unlimited lifetime upgrading is assures and is available with full phone supports. It being utility app, it can go deeper into the tablet or mobile phone file structure and get all the information easily. It is good for spying on text messages as well iMessage.

Way 3: Spy Other Phone’s Text Message using PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

Doing spying on Android or iPhone without having this in possession! That is being this app in nutshell. This is the great technology that is easier for one to use for tracking text messages. It is downloaded over 1 million times and is day by day going stronger.
PhoneSpying is the one that you can buy. This has become a good leader after FoneTracker app for spying. It is available with one of the best features of 24X7 hours customer support. One buys it can call and talk to live person to solve any problem if having. It is less cost-effective spying tool that has made spying safer and convenient.

Way 4: Spy Other Phone’s Text Message using TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

For those who are willing to get the information from iPhone or android, I have reviewed that this app is better and it is powerful and will make your job done easily on the phone you want to spy on. The best thing about the app is that it is easier for one to use. Seriously this app is one of the best apps and you must necessarily try it, if you aren’t techie.

This app being user-friendly has become the best choice for iPhone and Android devices. It allows all users to easily spy targeted person device and spy on their text message. It assures safe spying on SMS and text messages that are sending or received. It helps in doing call recording whether incoming or outgoing. It also easily monitors social networking site and track exact location of device through GPS location tracker.

Way 5: Spy Other Phone’s Text Message using Phone Tracker

Website: https://phonetracking.net

Phone Tracker has become another most popularly used spying tool for tracking the activities of the suspected person. No matters, which you are, either boss, spouse or kid’s parents or friend, you can easily use it for spying on not only text messages but on other activities done on device as well. A hacker who is willing to know what is the actual reason behind the inappropriate action done or strange behavior can doubtlessly use this tool of spying on suspected person device. This tool with no time and easily will help you in getting all the information of the targeted person. Just install the app in your device and of course on targeted user mobile phone and begin tracking in hidden mode with no issues.

Attractions of this tool-

  • Spying on SMS and text messages- Even if the phone send or receive messages or SMS is deleted with this app you will easily be able to view contact of single text, the number associated with it.
  • Recording of calls- This app helps in doing the recording of the call whether it is incoming or outgoing easily. It can be saved also so that at anytime you can listen to it. Just do call recording and download and store it in your device.
  • Monitoring the social media activity- This too helps a person in doing the effective monitoring of all the activities done on social sites. One will come to know about media shared, liked, commented etc done on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.
  • Tracking WhatsApp- Today it is has become another popular way of text communicating. A hacker can know all text messages, media like video, audio and photos shared or received. Also one can come to know about status that is new feature of this app.


These are some of the top 5 popular spying tools that have become highly popular among the hackers for spying on text message of any person. No matter on which device you are planning to do spying on, it is compatible with all. Just install it only from a reliable site and begin your hacking as soon as you can do. Also, the best thing is that you are offered free trial. Just go for it and see the working of those apps and according to your satisfaction, you can begin tracking. Buy the package of your choice and get all the answers to the question you have by suing FoneTracker tool or anyone of your choice from those listed above.


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