5 Solutions to Track an iPhone
5 Solutions to Track an iPhone
Review: 5 Solutions to Track an iPhone
  • How to track via FoneTracker
  • How to track without application
  • How to track via cloud.com
  • How to track via FindMyiPhone
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Get 5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

iPhone is the prized possession for most of the users. Nobody can afford an apple gadget every day, whereas few of them can afford. Thus you don’t want to lose it anyhow. But no one can be certain about the future, and you may lose it. Sound horrible for the iPhone lovers. But it is not always the purpose of a lost phone; sometimes it can be about tracking employees or monitoring your kids. A reason could be many, and so as the solutions.

Get 5 Solutions to Track an iPhone
Get 5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

Technology has answers to all of your problems. Therefore, you need to know about the solutions to track an iPhone. Here are few solutions to do so.

The recommended solutions are:

How to track via FoneTracker

How to track via FoneTracker
How to track via FoneTracker

FoneTracker is software that has various features that offer the wide variety of functions. It is a perfect tool to track iPhone irrespective of the reasons. Its versatility has made it the winner among the other applications. It is a great tool as it offers parental control feature along with other monitoring features. FoneTracker let you:

  • View the browsing history of device
  • Monitor the captured photos or videos on iPhone
  • Access the calendars and detail of future events
  • Check locked applications for the devices
  • Remotely access the features of device

Lock your iPhone to avoid the unwanted access. Nobody else can access the personal data of your cell phone.

Follow the steps to track your kid’s iPhone:

Step 1- go to http://guestpsy.com.
Steps 2- download the software directly to the target device. Open the notification window to install it.
Steps 3- register on FoneTracker. Click on the register button. Click on login button. The device is now joined to your account.
Step4- turns off the notification to hide the software icon.
Step 5- login to an account. Go to view location. Click on it, and it will show the details of the device including its location.

It is the first method which can help in tracking of the lost iPhone. The next method is without using any application. The process is however complex.

How to track without application

If you have no application or have misplaced the phone on which FoneTracker was installed, then you can track iPhone. In few cases, some tracking applications do not work properly then also this solution will work for you. In most of the instances where you will need this solution is when you don’t want the owner of iPhone to view the tracked application installed on the device.
In all the above conditions you can use a useful feature of Google to track it. Google’s timeline will let you inform the location of the device. We know that it stores the history of the device as every device is now synced with Google. To know the location, do this:

  • Type google.com/maps/timeline on your computer’s browser
  • Enter the date or time to view the place. Type today to know the current location.
  • An exact site along with the details such as time and date will appear as a result. Scroll the page and view the last data to know about the place of previous days.

To complete this process, you don’t have to access the phone. It means that you can try the process in case you lost the device to know where it is. Other than this, there is another solution to track the phone; Apple has multiple ways to locate your phone.

How to track via cloud.com

How to track via cloud.com
How to track via cloud.com

You will need a computer or PC for this method. Apple has designed a technology to track the lost phone of iPhone users. You can activate the lost mode and avoid the culprit to access your device. It protects the data from the outsiders and prevents your phone. Perform the following steps to use this method:

  • Type icloud.com in the web browser of your PC
  • It will ask for the user credentials such as username and ID. Enter the required information and hit the login button.
  • A menu will appear. Go to find a phone. Click that option.
  • Select the device name

Now you can see the location of the lost device on the map. You can now zoom in to view the position, play sound, erase the data or lock the phone. No application is required to perform this process. But if you want to use an app then the next method is right for you.

How to track via FindMyiPhone

How to track via FindMyiPhone
How to track via FindMyiPhone

Apple has a completely free application for the iPhone users- FindMyiPhone. It is in sync with the cloud. The app is same as the cloud and has features similar to it. It also has the lock mode to lock your phone without accessing it. You can track your phone within few minutes after performing these steps:

  • Sign in using your login ID of cloud
  • Select the type of device you wish to track
  • Click locate

Erase or play the surrounding voices from here. If none of the ways work for you, try the last solution available.

Link: https://www.apple.com/icloud/find-my-iphone/

The last solution to track iPhone

Maybe none of the above solutions worked. Just change few settings and perform these steps:

  • Go to settings> select cloud.
  • Sign in with the same account details that of iPhone
  • Under icloud>FindMyiPhone>turn on swivel>tap allow

Again go to icloud.com. It will show the device location and if not, then reset date and again log in. You can now finally track the device.

These were the top 5 solutions to track iPhone. Apple secures data of its users and ensures that in case of lost phone user can still prevent their data from outsiders. However, not only apple but FoneTracker will also ensure that its users are safe and protected from the unexpected situations. Its features are designed in that manner, and thus you can track the accurate position. Technology has thus made everything simpler and easier to protect smartphone users. No matter in what conditions you need monitoring software, FoneTracker is the perfect way to save your device.


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