5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages
5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages
Review: 5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages
  • Top 1: FoneTracker
  • Top 2: TheTruthSpy
  • Top 3: Free Phone Traccker
  • Top 4: PhoneSpying
  • Top 5: NetSpy


Get the best 5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages. Discuss the Phone tracker apps we will see the benefits of tracking down child’s device

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Get the best 5 Apps to track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages

Many times it happens that your children don’t come home at the time and you worry where they are! Being a parent getting worried when your kids don’t reach home on time is really the matter of concern but to know the location of the child you can’t go behind them everywhere and every time. Thus, you need a device which let you track the location of your kid. There is some software available and this software allows people to track the location of the target phone. If you make use of such software then you can track the location of your kid’s phone and get to know where they are and the reason for being late.

Get the best 5 Apps to track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages
Get the best 5 Apps to track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages

Before we discuss the GPS tracker apps we will see the benefits of tracking down someone’s device.

Benefits of Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages

Know in what condition are your loved ones present-
When you are able to track down every activity of your child then you don’t have to worry about what situation they are facing in your absence. You can know what is happening in your kids’ life and thus, you can help them or support them when they really need you. You can track the location of your kid and see if they are in schools or they are bunking their classes. You can punish them when they are not loyal and you can support them when they are innocent.
Know about your spouse in depth
If you are newly wedded couples then you can make use of the spyware to reveal the untold stories of your partner. These stories will help you know how loyal your partner to you is. You can track the mobile of your partner and know about the places your partner goes, whom he meets, calls, or what he does! All these information will let you know if your partner is a responsible person or just a liar. If you find that your partner is cheating on you then you can remain careful!
Know your employees status
At times when you are not available in your office but you wish to know what your employees are doing or gossiping about then at that time making use of this software can help you know it! You are able to check the location of your employees if they don’t reach the office on time. You can know if your employees are sharing your company data with other companies. If you get to know about such activity then you can take some strict actions to stop further leakage of the data from your company.
Now, that you have read the benefits of using spyware let us see what all applications can be used to avail the above-given benefits.

Top 5 spy apps in the market-

#1 FoneTracker

#1 FoneTracker
#1 FoneTracker

This spyware is currently very popular among the parents as well as employers. Many of the customers who have used this application are satisfied as well as happy. They are able to make use of its amazing spying features like-

  • Call spy
  • SMS Spy
  • Messenger Spy
  • Spy on Facebook
  • Spy on whatsapp
  • Spy on location
  • Make hidden call
  • Make a recording of the call

All these features can be used for free and they work smoothly on every device whether it is android or IOS. To use it you need to download it on your mobile then after this create an account on FoneTracker. You need to make an account to access the control panel and control the activity of target phone as well as record them. When you access control panel then you are able to use various features of this spyware.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

This monitoring software is compatible with all devices and provides professional spying experience to its users. The users are able to make full use of its features and do monitoring of target device from any corner of the world.

  • Spy on call
  • Spy on contact
  • Spy on chats
  • Spy on surrounding voices
  • Spy on location
  • Spy on multiple devices
  • Block apps and websites
  • Block contacts as well as social media accounts

All these features can be used by downloading and installing it in the target phone. You need to install this application on your phone as well as another phone on which information you need to collect. Then after installation, you need to make some setting as well as sign up to start monitoring.

#3 Free Phone Tracker

#3 Free Phone Tracker
#3 Free Phone Tracker

Website: https://phonetracking.net

This is a smart hacking tool or application which can be used to hack the target device completely. Here, you have to not only download as well as install the Free Phone Tracker but also you have to make subscription so as to use its features. When you make subscription you are able to use its features given below-

  • Call spy and call recording
  • Messages spy
  • Location spy
  • Browser history spy
  • Application usage spy
  • Photos and videos spy

To make use of these amazing features you need to make an account on Free Phone Tracker, download it in your mobile and no need of downloading it in target phone. Fill some details asked and start spying. In this type of spy app, you are required to jailbreak the device.

#4 PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

This software is also very good to use and one can use it to hack more than one Android device. So, if you have more than one kid then you can use it and hack as well as control their activity. You can hack the device and get all the information here with all we mean that encrypted information can also be revealed. You are able to get full control over target device with its user-friendly interface.

  • Spy calls, SMS, location
  • Spy whatsapp
  • Spy browser history
  • Spy app usage

#5 NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

With this software, one can do monitoring over their child easily. There is no risk of malware in this app and it can be used on any device. No jailbreak or rooting is asked while hacking the target device and also, it is free to use the app. Thus, you need not buy any packages or pay for using its features. You can get the free trial before installing it on your mobile.

  • Monitor Calls
  • Monitor SMS
  • Monitor browser activity
  • Monitor location
  • Monitor social media accounts

The best App for Tracking Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages

These are the top 5 apps which can be used to track a child’s phone. If you know are confused which one would be better to use then let me tell you that all of these spy apps are good for use. But if you wish to get the best results from spying then we recommend you to use FoneTracker. FoneTracker is currently very popular the reasons behind its popularity are as follows-

Easy to use
Whether your parents are a tech guru or not still they will be able to make use of the FoneTracker. They can use it easily without any problem as its interface is user-friendly and step by step guidance is given to hack or monitor the target device. One can follow the guide and start using this software also if you don’t understand some steps them for your help 24 x7 customer care service is available.
Easy to install
This software is easy to install and you need not follow the long process or wait for long to install it. You can just go to its site, sign up and install it in your phone. Also, the uninstalling process is easy and can be done in a few minutes.
Operate on any device
There is no need for your mobile to be only iPhone or android, this software will work on any platform whether it is IOS, Android or PC etc. You can operate it conveniently and it works smoothly on all the devices.
Virus free
FoneTracker is virus free which is the main reason why we recommend you to use this app. Most of the Spyware in a market has a virus but FoneTracker is tested and free from virus. Thus, when you install it in your mobile your mobile functioning is not disturbed.
FoneTracker when used by any user it remains undetected on the target mobile. A victim is unable to detect the presence of monitoring software. Even the antivirus is not able to detect the presence of this app. Hence, comfortably and without being detected you are able to use it.
Runs smoothly
People often get disturbed when they use other spyware this is because they don’t function fast and efficiently. However the FoneTracker runs smoothly and thus, you are able to collect each and every activity on the victim’s phone. It works better with a faster internet connection.

So, these are the reason why people make use of the only FoneTracker for tracking the phone of their loved ones. If you are in need of this app then get it installed on your mobile from its official store. After using this app you can also share your views about this app and this will help others to know how useful this application is.


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