4 Ways to Track Your Lost iPhone
4 Ways to Track Your Lost iPhone

Know the four Ways to Track your lost iPhone instantly

One of the most hectic and disappointing feelings ours when one loses his/her iPhone. The growing popularity of iPhone has mesmerized the thoughts of people thus people are prone to buy iPhone than any other operating device. Have you bought an iPhone month ago and now it is lost? This might be very painful but don’t worry because this article permits you to track your lost iPhone in four ways. You can use these four ways to track someone’s iPhone also. You might be thinking about how an application can bring results from someone’s device, but it’s true. You just need to keep your eyes on the article and everything will fall into your basket automatically.

Know the four Ways to Track your lost iPhone instantly
Know the four Ways to Track your lost iPhone instantly

A lot of people don’t know how to track their iPhone hence they permanently lost their iPhone. It is seen that iPhone got lost mostly by kids because they are more prone to theft and falling into harmful pitfalls. But now this is not the case so, anyone can track their iPhone using a certain process or recipe mentioned in this article. Now, filling a report for lost iPhone or buying new iPhone would be an issue. Who all can use these four ways mentioned in the article? The methods are especially for parents, employers, and spouse that remain busy 24×7.

Part 1: Using iCloud how to track iPhone

iCloud is the first and foremost method when it comes to tracking someone’s iPhone. All iPhone has iCloud.com option available that is solely designed when one misplace or loses their iPhone. Approximate locations of lost iPhone can be known using the iCloud.com. In order to facilitate with iCloud.com, you first need to do a set.  Hit “Find my iphone” & get the details connected the iCloud such as id and password. Once all the perquisites got met up, you are free to find the lost iPhone location with accuracy. Given below is a step by step guide that allows you to know how to track lost iPhone easily-

  • Step 1- on your web browser, at first visit the iCloud.com
  • Step 2- using the iCloud details such as ID and password you have to log in to your respective account
  • Step 3- you will see a list of icons appeared on the screen, just hit the Find my iPhone option
  • Step 4- now hit the “all devices” option and track the iPhone you wish to track
  • Step 5- now you get to see the approximate or accurate location of your lost iPhone on the given map

The map appeared on the screen that is used to track location has several features that are listed below-

Play sound- using this feature, you get an alarm on your iPhone even if it is under silent mode. This enables the user to view the possible location of the stolen iPhone with a pinpointing mark

Lost mode- this mode is used to display number even when the screen of the device is locked. Passerby can make a call on that number that permits you to collect the iPhone from mentioned location

Erase-the erase option is used when it becomes impossible to retrieve the device. This implies when you are not able to locate your iPhone, you can delete off all the data from stolen or lost iPhone.

Part 2: without using Find My iPhone how to track your iPhone

There could be several reasons to find the lost or stolen iPhone. Even after learning how to track your iPhone using “find my iPhone” some people find difficulty in locating their iPhone. In this situation, they can use this method. This method allows you to know what your kid is doing in your absence by tracking their device. It is evident that kids form lots of bad habits when they are in growing stage, they stroll around streets unnecessarily and this can cause lots of trouble to the parents. The Find My iPhone gives accurate or current location of your iPhone, however it can’t propose details about the course visited by your kid.

In this case, you can make use of another app known as Find My iPhone app. The app would give an alert when the kid got arrived or left any certain location. This way you as a parent can monitor their activities secretly by setting app on device successfully. Given below is a step by step guide just follow it

  • Step 1- at first you need to install “find my friends app” from the official website so as to monitor iPhone, now tap on the icon stating contact
  • Step 2- enables “share my location” option so as to share device location
  • Step 3- select “(+) button” & then make a choice from the list of your contact
  • Step 4- hit “share indefinitely” mentioned on the menu so as to share the location of the target on your iPhone
  • Step 5- now hit “accept” on your iPhone when location sharing option get prompted
  • Step 6- in order to ensure that kid don’t know about your secret tracking, click “don’t share” option when you are asked to share location with someone
  • Step 7- this is how you can view someone’s location easily in real time and get to know about certain location the suspect visit daily

Learn: Set up and use Find My Friends

Part 3: Use Google and know how to track iPhone remotely

One of the best and reliable methods available to monitor iPhone location that has been lost or stolen a month ago is Google Timeline. First of all, you need to permit location sharing option on your iPhone device that you currently have. This will allow you to collect as well as gather useful information from the lost or stolen iPhone. You will be able to track data from a device about a particular day. You can even record the tracked data so as to retrieve back the missing iPhone information. You can monitor the last location of lost or stolen iPhone by viewing location that has been sending on your current iPhone.

  • Step 1- visit the official site of Google timeline
  • Step 2- you now need to select “Today” that got shown up on the website
  • Step 3- now you have to check all the locations or recorded timeline of lost iPhone so as to view data of particular day. Find the prior location that has been sent
  • Step 4- now you are left with viewing moving or stationary lost iPhone on the map. If you find your iPhone migrating from one location to another, you can report straightaway to the top authorities that deal with stolen cases.

Part 4: without Internet track your iPhone

If you wish to understand how to monitor iPhone in absence of internet then use this method without jailbreaking. You need to install a third-party app such as activator. Follow the steps below-

  • Step 1- installs activator and access the repository
  • Step 2- select anywhere by launching it
  • Step 3- you now have to select build option then received messages option
  • Step 4- you need to type a message so as to leave field information
  • Step 5- using the save button saves the event where the lost or stolen iPhone is
  • Step 6- the message gets displayed on the locked screen and the passerby can read it. Finally, you will receive the iPhone after talking to the passerby


These are the top four ways through which you can track your iPhone that has been lost or stolen easily. Moreover you can simply track your iPhone using FoneTracker application just visit the https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/ and download it and follow the instructions.



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