4 Ways to See Someone’s Private Facebook Wall

4 Ways to See Someone's Private Facebook Wall
4 Ways to See Someone's Private Facebook Wall

Ways To See Someone’s Private Facebook Wall- How Can We Spy On Someone’s Facebook Wall

Facebook is one of the popular social network plat form which enables its user to make friends with or without knowing them. It has its messenger which gives features like sharing text, multimedia files, posts, video calls etc. It has millions of users in which kids and children are also there. See kids are not that much sensible in each & every aspect that they are able to understand what is good or bad for them. Sometimes they come in contact with people through social medium who can take advantage of our child. Sometimes they caught in situation which can be dangerous for them and they are afraid of telling the things to their parents. So as a responsible parent we must have an eye towards their social activities also without their knowledge.

How Can We Spy On Someone’s Facebook Wall
How Can We Spy On Someone’s Facebook Wall

So what is the way to know the activities of your child on social plat form? The answer is FoneTracker, this is the application which helps its user to track all the social activities of target. You can able to read all the text messages chat, means you can have an idea about with whom your child talks very often. So that you can judge its company in which he involved. So to make sure your child’s safety you should use this application. There are many applications has been designed so far. FoneTracker is one of the best applications which give you all the details efficiently without being noticed by the target.

What we can do through FoneTracker

  • Have an idea with whom our target is chatting means we can all details about chat history.
  • Can have access on multimedia files audio, video, photos whatever has been shared through the targeted person’s account.
  • All the information is stored in the control panel of this application which you can access any time.
  • Apart from this you can track location, call details, SMS details of any targeted person.

How to use FoneTracker

  • First download the software from https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/ official link. By checking the option to allow the unknown sources.
  • Now you are required to make your account by registering yourself through email id, password and personal details.
  • Make the details of target person’s device. Then log in to your account in control panel of the application you get all the Facebook information of target which you want to access.

Some Other Applications to spy on Facebook activities

Some Other Applications to spy on Facebook activities
Some Other Applications to spy on Facebook activities


You can have the all the details of Facebook activities i.e. social activities of any person by installing SpyRen. Through this application you can able to access the Facebook messages of any targeted person. For this you need to download the application first from the official site. Then install the application on your device then sign up by basic details of yours. After that need to make the details of targeted person device. Once it is done after logging to the application you can able to find the details of any suspected.


It also offers help to track the Facebook activities of someone. If properly installed and all the details filled appropriately you may able to access the details of targeted person device including its location, chats over text, social platforms activities & many more. You have to download the software from the official website after that install it and make the credentials by filling your basic details. Then make entries of target device. After installing and logging to application on its dashboard you will find all the information you are looking for (social activities log, chat history, call details etc) of your target’s device.


It is also a application that provides spying features to use for location tracking, Facebook spying, call tracking etc. You can able to read text messages also chat over social platforms. For this application you are required to have an account on the application. For this you have to pay charges. Install the application on target phone then may delete the icon & make it run on stealth mode. On the dashboard of application you will find all the details about target device.

Steps to spy any iPhone or iPad private Facebook wall

If you wish to spy any iPhone or iPad private Facebook user’s wall, you must know the icloud id which is used in that target person’s iPhone or iPad. By passing the icloud id and the password then click on verify button once synchronization is done you can have all details.

For have an eye on someone’s Facebook wall open the application. Go to online dashboard then go to Facebook option to see the private wall information.

These are some applications and tools which can be used for accessing private Facebook wall information of someone. Another way you can try is that you need to find private image URL. For this open someone’s Facebook profile and by clicking on their display picture you get the URL details. Copy this URL then paste it in any text format like notepad.

URL has format as https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamailhd.net/hprofile-ak0prn1/c….

Edit this in this way https://fbcdn-sphotos-ba.akamailhd.net/hphotos-akcryptlife/

Use this edited text in web address bar and then enter now you can able to download the photos of any person.


So these are some ways to use the information of someone’s private Facebook wall. These applications have basic purpose that parents can keep an eye on their children and control their activities and keep them safe from the inappropriate situations.



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