4 Ways to Check iPhone Private Browsing History
4 Ways to Check iPhone Private Browsing History

Learn the 4 interesting Ways to Check Private Browsing History of their iPhone

Internet is a must facility that everyone needs now for watching movies online, reading books, watching sports, Learning new language or skills, and more. Today, most of the users and their work depend on internet. Internet can be accessed from different browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, FireFox, safari and more. These let you access any website and webpage across the globe. They also offer different options such as clear browser history, clear passwords, save pages offline, bookmarks the pages and more. They also offer features that protect the client’s privacy while surfing internet.

Learn the 4 interesting Ways to Check Private Browsing History of their iPhone
Learn the 4 interesting Ways to Check Private Browsing History of their iPhone

Where on one hand these features make the browsing secure on the other hand it allow users to search inappropriate contents on internet via private browsing. Therefore, this lead the users mostly teens, kids and hackers to search the inappropriate contents hiding from the other users and parents. Although this feature was made for the security purpose but its wrong use can lead to some serious issues. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the private browsing history of the teens and employees.

How to do it? Monitoring private browsing history is tough especially on iPhone. However, some app developers have put some serious efforts to monitor the private browsing history. There are some ways and apps that let you check these activities secretly.

How to check the history remotely on iPhone

To check the history of internet browsing, it is necessary to download software such as FoneTracker. It is an effective application that can monitor the surfing of internet on any browser irrespective of the device being used. FoneTracker is simply not meant for monitoring browser history as it has other features as well to check the device completely. It offers a dual advantage to the users where parents and other users such as businessmen can also use it.

Advantages such as

  • Wide compatibility with iPhone X, plus 8, plus 7, plus 6 android, blackberry etc…
  • Trace messages and calls remotely
  • Trace GPS location remotely with a detailed information of the location and time
  • Allows the user to trace different type of data of device

Step by step guide

This reliable app can be used in simple steps and users can use its easy-to-use features from single click. Parents, employees and spouses can easily supervise on the daily activities of their children, employees and spouses. They can protect their kids by monitoring the private history and save them from illegal websites, pornography, bad temptations, online bullying, violence related cyber, etc…Use of such apps improves the productivity when used to monitor the employees. So, begin monitoring by following these simple guide steps.

Step 1

You have to sign up on FoneTracker. Open the website https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/ in any browser and click on sign up option. Fill the information asked on sign up page, set a username and password. Go to log in option and then enter the same username and password to open your control panel. You can access different features from your home page. Remember the password so that you can login anytime you wish to check the information of the device’s user.

Step 2

Provide the information of the device’s user as well such as their name, age and operating system. Choose iCloud or iOS to monitor the iPhone.

Step 3

By clicking on Next button, you will be directed to a webpage where you will be asked to verify the iCloud account of the user. Click on verify button for verification however, the device should be in active mode and the iCLoud backup should be synced to backup the device data.

Step 4

The software is now ready to monitor the browser history of iPhone. If the device is verified then it will be under your control and you can monitor every activity by login to control panel. Since the device is sync to iCloud account thus every real time data will be automatically get updated and will be displayed on your dashboard.

Activities you can monitor includes text messages, phone calls, GPS location, track installed apps, monitor browser history, preview videos, calendar activities, read memos and reminders, check downloaded photos, view phone contacts and more.

How to check deleted browser history on iPhone

Generally, users delete the searched history after browsing. Some apps are not capable of retrieving the deleted history which means they are of no use. Your money will go waste however FoneTracker can even check the history which is deleted. Even if the users have cleared browser history, search results and cookies, you can still check them using FoneTracker. Here is the detailed description of some other methods to check the deleted browser history.

Method 1- check the iPhone settings

iPhone settings also let  you help in checking the history simply follow these steps:

  • Go to settings in iPhone
  • Check for the browser whose search history you wish to check , tap on it
  • Select the advanced option given at the bottom of the screen
  • Go to the next section to find the website data
  • Tap on website data option to find the deleted history

Method 2- check iTunes backup

If the user keeps the backup on iTunes then it will be easy to check the history and restore it in simple steps:

  • Open iTunes and click on the icon
  • Select option restore backup
  • Click on deleted browser history and click restore

Method 3- check iCloud backup

In case the user has taken backup on iClouds then restoring becomes easy. Go to settings and check the backup option.

  • Go to settings< general< reset< select< erase all content< settings
  • Do as per instructions given on screen
  • Select restore and choose the desired file


However, if the user has not taken the backup of the data then it will be deleted forever and you will not be able to restore the history. That’s why use FoneTracker rather than these methods which are risky as well as does not give accurate result. Moreover, you have to access the device more frequently to restore the deleted history. Thus, it’s easy and recommended to download FoneTracker in target device.

You have to access the device only once and you can check the history anytime. Moreover, you can block the suspicious websites that are not good for your kids. You can restrict the user to access a particular site which is not good for your business. Some unsecured websites may be stealing your personal data without giving an alert and permission. These websites can be checked and blocked using FoneTracker. In this way, you can give an option of secure browsing to your children without interference.

So, if you think you need to check the browser history of your kid’s iPhone or employee’s cell phone then buy FoneTracker now. Check the website for the details of its price and package. You can purchase the less expensive package if you need few features otherwise the complete package is also best. It is also less expensive than other application.

Since it is compatible with android as well therefore if your kid does not have iPhone then also you can rely on FoneTracker. It works well on any operating system due to its universal design and amazing features incorporated in it.



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