3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking
3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking
Review: 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking
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Best 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

In the era of social networking, Facebook is considered a well-known name that is shaping a whole new trend. This innovative social networking site has millions of active users all over the world from all places and regions. It is a tool that is widely used by people to stay connected to family and friends and even to those living far away from them. With its help, you can chat with other, share pictures, videos and upload status. But, now it can be used for other purposes like location tracking.

Best 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking
Best 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

With the help of Facebook location tracking, you can easily track the precise location of anyone. You can even share your location with them. This feature is also used to track anyone secretly and effectively without them knowing. However, there are different ways available through which you can easily track someone’s Facebook location. So, here in this article, we have mentioned the three tips on Facebook location tracking that will help you track the location of a person.

3 easy tips on location tracking:

Part 1: use Marauder’s Map for tracking Facebook location

Using Facebook for tracking your friend is an easy process and one can easily do it without downloading any application. You can now track the location of anyone as long as you and the next person have enabled location sharing on the device. If you also want to track the location of your friend then you can Marauders Maps. Basically, it is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to track the location of a Facebook friend that is chatting with you with the accuracy of up to 1 meter.

Add the Marauder Map chrome extension from chrome store or its official website

Enable developer mode of chrome extensions and it is ready to track the location of your friend

Now open chat history of your friend whom you wish to track and it will begin to find your friend’s location.

Finally, you will get the exact location of your friend.

Part 2: using Facebook location service

Facebook location service helps parents and family members to easily know where their kid is. This service has enhanced the security of loved ones on this virtual platform. There are several advantages of using it, but there are times when people find a way to exploit this.
If you are in need to turn off the access to the Facebook app then follow the given steps:

Launch the Facebook app from the app store and tap on “more icon” that is available in three horizontal bars. Now scroll down to get “account settings”.

Tap the “location” button. Now toggle the location sharing option to disable it. Now you will not be sharing your location to anyone to any person you send a message.

Part 3: use tracking application to track Facebook location

Tracking or monitoring someone’s location using the above-mentioned tips has few limitations. It can help you track the location history of your friend but only if you share it on Facebook. But, there are times when people don’t like to share their location with others. So, it is best to use a tracking application that is FoneTracker.

It is a spying and monitoring tool that can easily track the activities of someone on one’s device. There are several tracking features this tracking application offers. It is equally important for parents who wish to track the activities of their kids that they perform on their phone and social media sites. To use this application easily you have to follow a few instructions that are:

Visit the official website of this application that is https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/ , and click the download option. Now, your application will start to download. Once the application is downloaded you can start the installation process. After this, you can register for the account. Now, fill the email id and password and login. Open you can open the location from the control panel available with the application. Now you can easily see all the location data of the target device with time stamps.

Why choose FoneTracker for tracking Facebook location

How disappointing it will be when you want to the real-time location of the person, but you will get it much later. But, you can now see the exact and real-time location of the person through FoneTracker. All you have to do is set this application on the target device. Now, it will reveal the exact location and all the places where the victim went.


So, what you are waiting for? Download this application today and track anyone’s facebook location now!


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