2 Ways to Track My MetroPCS Phone If It’s Stolen or Lost

2 Ways to Track My MetroPCS Phone If It's Stolen or Lost

Obtain two Ways to Track My MetroPCS Phone if it’s Stolen or Lost

It is well-known fact that there are lots of students who can’t’ live without their cell phone. The cell phone has immensely benefited the people and still, it is bringing awesome and cool platforms that make lives of people interesting. However, it becomes extremely difficult to survive when you have lost the cell phone or somebody has stolen it. If you are also a user of Metro PCS phone, and it is misplaced or lost, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can easily detect the location of your phone with the help of metro phone protection. This article incorporates two essential ways used to track Metro PCS phone if it gets stolen or lost, so read it carefully.

Obtain two Ways to Track My MetroPCS Phone if it’s Stolen or Lost
Obtain two Ways to Track My MetroPCS Phone if it’s Stolen or Lost

Part 1: Use best MetroPCS phone tracking app to track your phone effectively

FoneTracker app is a well-known and popular tracking app designed especially for parents. The professional parental control intelligent software assists the user and makes the tracking task simpler. All the leading mobile brands can be used to monitor activities as FoneTracker is compatible on all devices.

Why it is specially created for the parents? It is due to the fact that parents often worry when the kid gets ahead to their respective coaching classes or wander around malls with their friends. The heartbeat of parents reaches at the peak level when the kid doesn’t reply to their calls. Surely, you might have experienced it once and don’t want to experience anymore. That’s why it is best suggested to make use of this innovative and dashing tracking app to monitor kid every now and then.

With FoneTracker you can trace the route traveled by your kid or view the recent post that is being posted on the Instagram, Facebook etc in real time.  Moreover, spouse, as well as employees, can also utilize it to keep an eye over the partner and employees respectively.  It is both android and MetroPCS phone compatible that’s why you won’t’ have to deal with any problem.  Other than this you got full right to access text messages, record voice over IP calls, capture screenshots, and view call logs.

Why it is better tracker compare to other trackers

It is because of the following reason that is stated below in brief-

Track GPS location remotely– the FoneTracker offers an interesting and useful feature that was not available earlier known as GPS location tracking feature. The code instilled in the software is used to track current or specific location on the map. You just need to open web client & hit location that would allow you to target the current location of your kid.

View Keystroke logging– keylogger is mainly used to capture live action of the suspect when he/ she is typing on the keyboard. You are free to utilize this feature and know all the password and messages on respective social media apps. Other information such as phone app passwords can be easily traced using this app.

Set Geofencing– Geofencing function is a special tool that is used to get all the date stamps from suspect device location. You will automatically get notified when something gets entered by the target.

Accessing of social media applications remotely– you might be thinking social media tracking is not at all possible without any of the powerful and reliable spying tools but it is not so. GuestSpy can be easily used to access social media happening. You got the option to read messages and view photos from Wechat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

View and save internet browsing history– Since FoneTracker is compatible on google chrome, you can view internet history from the suspect device and record URL, last visit, and frequency.

Get the app from https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/

Part 2: use metro protection site to track stolen or lost MetroPCS phone

Use the following steps and get your phone soon

  • Step 1- opens the official site of metro protection
  • Step 2- use a password and MetroPCS number so as to log in your credentials. Click “sound alarm” if you want the location of your device. Similarly, click “stop alarm” so as to find out the lost cell phone. You can make use of down as well as up keys to volume up to the phone alarm.
  • Step 3- if still, you get any reply, you need to hit “Locate Phone” option and you will be directed to a page that shows the map. This will help you to locate the device on the map.


These are the two popular ways that are used to track MetroPCS phone if it gets lost or stolen.



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