2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
Review: 2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
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Get Best 2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

Nowadays, gadgets play an important role in our life. None of us imagine life without them. Amongst them, the smartphone is the most convenient gadget we use to contact. However, these come with the feature of net surfing, sending multimedia files or lot more. Not only this we use them for mobile banking or storing the confidential data. The smartphones are fed off the healthy detail of one; if someone knows about this he/she may get harmed. In the digitalized era people use iPhone device for their financial works. Thus if it is stolen it is quite troublesome, or especially if it is expensive iPhone.

Get Best 2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
Get Best 2 Must-know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

So if the iPhone is stolen, you need to find it to save yourself from any loss. Here you can find the top two ways to track a stolen iPhone which are listed below:

Way 1: find a stolen iPhone by using iPhone security tracker

Way 1: find a stolen iPhone by using iPhone security tracker
Way 1: find a stolen iPhone by using iPhone security tracker

The iPhone security tracker needs to be installed and activated at the moment when you are buying the iPhone. The application is also be preinstalled but it needs to activate by using cloud id. If one doesn’t activate it, the future situation may turn worse. This app is pre-installed one need to just enable it that is the biggest advantage of this app.

To activate the app one has to follow the steps that are given below:

  • Open settings
  • Click on the cloud
  • Tap on the security tracker
  • Now enable the option of tracker
  • Open the GPS tracker to set your location

It is necessary to fill the last location on the settings and the credentials so that iPhone can be received back on the last set location. From this option, you can see the last location of your phone on the maps. If all the necessary features are enabled then using iPhone is the safest option. Also, you can connect to any other device using the iCloud id. If you want to connect with any other apple device enable the app and open it compile it and get started.
On the contrast, the iCloud id can easily locate as well as track the in the case if it is stolen also. If the device is switched off and goes out of the set specific range you will get notified. Enable the notify me option in the phone when it switches on the above specific range a notification will be sent to email. Hence, you don’t have to monitor continuously the control panel. By clicking on the actions you get the current location of your phone.

You can learn more iCloud for Tracking a Stolen iPhone: https://www.icloud.com/

Way 2: track iPhone using FoneTracker app

Way 2: track iPhone using FoneTracker app
Way 2: track iPhone using FoneTracker app

This is the tracking software used for tracking the location of your phone if it activates. This app has the feature of GPS tracker so using it one can know the current location of the target device. The FoneTracker app is one of the safest ways to access the location of your iPhone even your phone is switched off. The quickest and safest option is available online also it is unique because of its feature. Moreover, the FoneTracker offers a simple and smart solution that helps you to access your iPhone data when it is lost or stolen. Not only this, you regain the access of your lost device if you don’t have in a physical manner. Below are the steps by which you can simply track your stolen iPhone.

Step 1: download and installed FoneTracker app
The FoneTracker works each and every version of the iPhone even it is compatible without any jailbreak. Only you have to visit its official site through this link https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/ and tap on the download button. Enable the unknown sources to install it.

Step 2: create an account on the FoneTracker
Signup in the FoneTracker, follow up the credential and verification process in the FoneTracker. It will ask your email address and password.

Step 3: verify your account
After successful registration, it may ask you to fill the information about your iPhone device. Here you have to provide the owner name of the device and related information, now click on the verify button and by icloud id you can verify it.

Step 4: track the iPhone with FoneTracker
After you set up account information, you are redirected into the control panel where all the data get synced. Also, you can monitor the activities on the stolen iPhone.
These are the steps to track stolen iPhone using FoneTracker app.


So, these are the 2 ways you must try for your device safety.


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