10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages
10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages
Review: 10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages
  • #1 FoneTracker
  • #2 AppSpy
  • #3 TheTruthSpy
  • #4 SpyZee
  • #5 Auto Forward
  • #6 SurepointSpy
  • #7 TrackMyPhone
  • #8 XNSpy
  • #9 iKeyMonitor
  • #10 Highster mobile


Ten spying apps to Read Text Messages instantly

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Ten spying apps to Read Text Messages instantly

Spying applications have become a boon for the present generation. It is specially designed for parents, spouse, and employers who have trust related concerns. Since, the evolution of technology and advancement, the people from all over the world is greatly benefited. However, apart from all the benefits and achievements, the technology has broken down all the geographical barriers that eventually allowed the strangers to enter into lives of people without permission.

Ten spying apps to Read Text Messages instantly
Ten spying apps to Read Text Messages instantly

Today, each and every individual is on social media with the intention of posting photos, videos and of course getting likes from friends and other people too. But do you need a spy text app?
There is nothing wrong in sending and receiving text messages when you are not in a situation to meet that person face to face. The only thing that makes the situation worse is performing awful and inappropriate activities such as sex-texting, and sending nude pictures. It is seen that kids are mostly indulging in such activities due either due to bad company or enjoyment. Your kid might be into such activities under your nose, and you might don’t know about it.

Not only this, do you ever wish out of the blue, someone would pop into you and your spouse relationship and make it worse than ever. Of course not, but this might happen anytime.

There are a lot of people who just wait interesting offers or have an appealing body that could straightaway attract your spouse. So, if you have slight or minute doubt on your spouse, then you need a spy tool to read all the text messages on her social media account.

Introduction to Text spy app

It is not at all fair to hire the detective for spying on someone because once the detective got caught your whole plan would go wrong, you might ever have to go to jail. So, skilled and experienced developers that work in the field of spying, has created an application known as spying app to execute this task. The spying app is mainly manufactured with highly skilled AI software that could track all the activities of kid or employees irrespective of their location. The modern spy app is not like the earlier used spy app that needs to be installed on the suspect phone rather they can be used without being near to the suspect.
The developers have rectified all the drawbacks and you will be acknowledged with 10 ways that can be used to spy in order to read text messages. Surely, the evolution is a never-ending process and you will be flourished with tons of opportunities that would make your work easier and simpler. Be ready to know all those ten apps because the secret to spy text messages is going to be revealed now.

Ten best spy text apps:

#1 FoneTracker

#1 FoneTracker
#1 FoneTracker

FoneTracker app offers you a long list of interesting features that are enough to make any user fall in love with the spying application. All the features are reliable and efficient that has the capability to track data straightaway from the suspect device. Things that can be spied are-

  • Real-time text messages
  • Track WhatsApp and Facebook data
  • Track date, time and name of other people whom the suspect is chatting

The FoneTracker offers flexible payment plans and you can choose any of those without bothering about your budget. Some of the special features known till date are ambient voice recording and hidden call recording.

Where to get the app

You just have to land on the official link of the FoneTracker app from here https://fonetracker.com/install-free-phone-tracker/ and download as well as install the app on your device. You would be getting a customer service that is ready to serve you 24×7. To know more about it, you can read the terms and policy on the app.

#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy
#2 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

AppSpy is another spying application that is designed for tracking text messages. There are lots of added features on this app. What can be done using this AppSpy app? This is briefly been discussed below-

  • Spy text messages including media data from video and audio logs
  • It can track call logs and images effectively without requiring any computer skills

Just like the FoneTracker app it also offers interesting and affordable payment option including free trial option. This app can work well on all devices but it is designed for blackberry mobile.

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy
#3 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

Would you like to go for a deep and serious spying? Then you need to download and install TheTruthSpy soon. The app has got a high reputation among all the apps as it has the ability to dig data from the suspect device in a few seconds. With a user-friendly interface, you would be able to see the tracked data in real time. You can

  • Spy social media, SMS, and IM app text messages
  • The offers and the activities are 100% stealth
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It includes all the features expect GPS location feature

#4 SpyZee

Website: https://spyzee.com

You may find tons of spying applications on the web, but the most reliable and trusted one is SpyZee app. You will be able to track text messages that are being received or send from the suspect device. Other than this, you can spy on call logs, emails and GPS location of the suspect. It allows you to track messages from WhatsApp and Facebook in real time along with older messages that have been deleted from the device.
You can get this app from the official address of SpyZee app. It isn’t that expensive.

#5 Auto Forward

Website: https://auto-forward.com

This auto forward spy rectifies all the discrimination contained in other apps. This app is meant for iPhone or Android devices. If you wish to spy entire browsing history in addition with spying of text messages, then do try auto forward spy. No matter whether you are a parent, spouse or businessman, you can operate this app without any hassle. Thus, it often knew a spying app that is suitable for all class of people.

  • Via auto forward spy you can track and record all the text messages, phone calls and conversations held on WhatsApp and Facebook instantly
  • GPS location feature is installed in it so that you will be able to track locations in real time or any specific location easily
  • For downloading this app you need to first visit the official site and read all the details then you can click the button.

#6 SurepointSpy

Website: http://surepointspy.com

Do you like apps that are challenging to operate? If yes, then SurepointSpy app is must download. It has a solution to nearly all of your problems and trust related concerns. It is designed for the users that know how to flaunt their skills. You too can use this app if you have high computer skills. It offers detailed data string from the suspect device. Not only the received or send messages are been traced but also all the images and videos shared by the suspect can be spied easily. In order to get this app, you need to land on the site of SurepointSpy.

#7 TrackMyPhone

Website: https://trackmyphone.net

If you wish to spy calls and text messages conveyed on the famous and popular social media app, then TrackMyPhone is the only option in front of you. A special feature is known as thief tracker is installed in the app so that you can retain the stolen or lost phone. What can be spied using it?

  • You can track your kid, spouse or employees location easily
  • You can use “remote control” feature so as to view and record all the tracked information barehand

Since this is a free spying app, you can completely and anonymously steal the data from the suspect device. Downloading and installation process is simple and you can get it at free of cost now.

#8 XNSpy

Website: https://www.xnspy.com

XNSpy is also a popular and famous spying app in the market that not only provides the user with a text message spying feature but also with a GPS location feature too. To track all the images, photos, videos and conversations you can use the app. It is an effective and reliable app. You can get it an affordable price.

#9 iKeyMonitor

Website: https://ikeymonitor.com

Ikeymonitor got the last position due to lack of features but the features offered by it are quite helpful for minute spying. The features get updated on a regular basis that makes spying on device easier. You can track IM messages, call and audio log, and social media data easily.

#10 Highster mobile

Website: https://highstermobile.com

It is capable of spying the social media app that is designed for having a conversation through text. You would find all the reviews on the site positive due to the fact that it offers a reliable and 24×7 customer support service.


Is your spouse chatting late night with a stranger? Use any of the app mentioned in the article.